Outside-In Services

Are you ready to grow your business, refine your leadership skills, and better understand the way clients view your business? Tell me a little bit more about your business & let’s get started! Here's how we can work together.


Business consulting 1-on-1

Through an initial assessment, we’ll determine the pain points, growth opportunities, and strengths of your business. We will identify ways to improve client perceptions, experience, and retention.

From there, we find ways to adjust internal systems to meet the needs and desires of the people you serve.


Group Presentations & Training

From discussing the initial impact your business brand has on your clients and prospects to determining how your guest experience is formed (from the outside in), I will create an experience that makes your team feel renewed, energized and hungry to continue growing! The learning experiences I create address a variety of topics from: client impressions, high quality experience and top notch service. 


Unique Business Needs

Whether you are looking for your first client or you've been in business for years, if you are stuck in a rut and don't understand why you're not growing, I'm able to help. My goal is to provide you an outside view of what people perceive is going on in the inside. Understanding this will shine a light on where improvements can be made and growth can happen. 


team empowerment

When you have a healthy and vibrant team, the results are astounding. However, it can be challenging to run a business and connect with your team in a way that ensures they are all fulfilled. My services can allow for transformation at the individual level, which creates a remarkable culture for everyone involved. 


See where you're at on our Company Brand Quotient assessment. Fill out the assessment and email me the results (no need to attach, just send the number). All the directions are in the document here.

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