What first impression are you making?

As a personal sytlist, I help women find clothes that make them look and feel absolutely fabulous.

"What we wear has cognitive, social and emotional consequences. The right clothing can change who we are, how we think and how we feel. So we should never underestimate this power. My research has revealed that when women are depressed they are more likely to wear jeans. What would happen if, on waking up feeling glum, instead of dragging on the sad pants the woman pulled on a favourite frock? The effect could be intrapersonal, priming her brain and lifting her mood. Or it could be interpersonal, the message her clothes send to the world determining others’ responses to her, triggering a positive feedback loop capable of changing her mood."

- Karen Pine, Mind What You Wear 

If you find that your clothes don't work for you or you're frustrated with the shopping experience in general, I partner with women of all shapes, sizes, and ages to find the pieces that make you feel excited to grab an outfit from your closet.

Many people prefer to do this through a Closet Audit. We assess what you already you own, figure out what you love or what might need to find a new home, and make progress for the future! Sometimes this means taking a shopping outing and other times, it means reassembling pieces you already have and make them work better for you.

This powerful process has helped dozens of women break through mental barriers, while also getting a fresh start.  

Many women take it a step further by continuing to partner on personal branding, such as identifying their own power words and how they show up at work, at home, and in the world. Starting with a Closet Audit is truly only the beginning to inner transformation.

Ready to see what your Personal Brand Quotient is? Fill out this form and email me your score (no need to attach the document) with instructions attached. 

Christina is my “go to” when it comes to what I need in my closet and how I should wear it. She is amazingly talented at putting together the perfect looks for me when I need to look and feel my best for an event, but also every day life. I love her honest, easy approach to fashion and a style that works for me!
— Amanda G., personal stylist client


Christina came to the rescue by helping me break down where to start, a checklist of what to focus on, and we set aside a dedicated time to tackle this project. In just 4 hours we transformed my closet into a well-organized functional wardrobe! I can now ‘see’ where everything is and what fits—organized by garment type, season, size, length, and color. This helped identify what I have, what I’m lacking, then I was able to go out and shop with a purpose to fill in the gaps to round out a usable wardrobe. I *never* would have reached this point if left to my own devices… it’s such an overwhelming process to take on by oneself, so to have an outside perspective, a plan to follow, and insights of what to keep/pitch was an invaluable resource.

- Megan R.