Do you already know and love cabi and find yourself purchasing items often to keep your wardrobe stylish + fresh throughout the year? 

I'm looking for six women to be part of the all-new exclusive Style Club in the fall of 2019! Here’s the commitment:

  • Order $100+ every month

  • Share order items via text or email by the 15th

It’s really that easy. Why am I offering this? I have dozens of women who shop with me on a monthly basis, so I want to make it easy for you and reward you for being a committed cabi gal.

Through Cabi, I have learned a lot about putting outfits together that represent who I am and, at times, who I would like to be. The outfit ideas and Cabi tap have been extremely helpful to buy strategically over the years. I have invested a lot on the brand and love the quality. I appreciate the thoughtfulness in design in how the lines continue to work together over the seasons and years. I love getting dressed every morning because of Cabi, it’s a brand designed for women of all shapes and sizes. I feel confident in the clothes and appreciate the community of women that support it.
— Ana D., cabi client

Why join Style Club?

As a cabi stylist, I know people's preferences and individual tastes as well as when items are running low or when they are coming in (so you get first dibs!), and make it possible for you to try on items at my home. I want your cabi shopping experience to be as convenient as possible — you can just text me what items and sizes you want and I add it to your monthly order.

As a member of Style Club, you get access to the benefits normally reserved for cabi Fashion Experience hostesses. Every monthly order will be someone’s “Fashion Show,” where all orders benefit YOU. So if your name is drawn for September, you automatically get a $600 order, which means if everyone orders exactly $100 worth of items, you get two items at 50% off just because you signed up. If orders are bigger, you have potential to get many items at 50% off!

Every monthly order will be shipped to me and I’ll make sure you get it without paying for shipping.

Drop me a note here + I’ll send more details your way!

Being a Style Club member was a no-brainer for me. Free shipping, items coming to me regularly without dropping tons of money at one time, AND hostess perks?! Yes, please.
— Emily S., cabi client