Sarah Noll Wilson

As a professional speaker and host of a video series, it is critical that I have the right style that not only speaks to my professionalism but also my brand. The challenge for me is that I've never enjoyed shopping and never made my clothes a priority. I knew I needed assistance when I had lost weight and nothing fit AND I had limited options for speaking. I reached out to Christina for her assistance. The process wasn't always easy, but it was valuable. What I realized in the process is that it wasn't about finding a new Sarah, but rather reclaiming my unique style that I had before working in insurance. Christina is masterful at helping you understand how your clothes make you feel, discovering your own personal style, and how to be strategic when purchasing clothes. She pushed me to try on things I would have never thought to try and I discovered a love for new looks. She opened up my eyes to how my clothes (typically black and gray) didn't match my personality or my brand (bright, expressive and colorful). She helped me reclaim the Sarah I lost. I highly recommend Christina as someone who will help you hold up the mirror (figuratively and literally), walk with you as you claim your authentic self, and make you feel fantastic. Everyone should have a Christina in their lives.


Jamie Cornelius

I had the JOY of working with Christina to build a capsule wardrobe for fall. She had an efficient process that worked with my limited time. She scoped out the best places to shop based on several guidelines I gave her. She efficiently took me through the store suggesting items that would work well with my body type and coloring. Once we found a few base items, we easily found coordinating pieces and topped them with accessories. The whole time she was business like yet complimenting me and having so much fun. She worked beautifully with the associates at the store and coordinated an excellent experience. If you have limited time, need help with anything from the basics of styling to the details in accessories and shoes, Christina will not disappoint. I was blown away by the results and definitely urge you to take the plunge and hire her. You won't regret it.


Claire Richmond

Last Saturday, Christina came over and we audited my closet. I was spending way too much unnecessary time/energy putting outfits together in my head every day and staring into my closet blankly. Now I have less clothes, more outfits AND I know how to make my minimalist/capsule wardrobe work for me better. Christina was respectful of style and budget, creative with combinations of my current clothing pieces and quick to follow up with my short shopping list of additional pieces to round out my closet. Plus, I have way more confidence in how I put my outfits together every morning. Best investment in myself that I’ve made in a long time.


Kelly Marble

I first saw Christina Davis speak at a FemCity Des Moines luncheon, and she flipped everything I knew about clothes on its head. I wound up hiring her to do a closet audit which was one of the best investments that I have made in my adult life.

Before working with Christina, I didn’t love many of my clothes. I thought that I didn't have what it takes to be fashionable. I would save my favorite outfits for when I planned to go somewhere special or for work. Now I have a wardrobe I love, and I don’t feel like I have to save my favorite outfits for special occasions.

Investing in a wardrobe that I love has impacted how I carry myself. When I go out into the world, not only does my style reflect being daring, approachable and confident, but paying attention to my style has changed how I show up in the world and carry myself. I credit working with Christina for helping me get to this point.


Sunni Swarbrick

"A closet clean out is hands down one of the best investments that I have ever made. I have had the wonderful opportunity to connect with and get to now Christina through a variety of opportunities and have continued to be impressed with her detailed composure, her sharp communication skills, and innate ability to engage and inspire those around her.

I approached Christina with an interest in working together for a closet audit and shared with her the transition and impression that I was aspiring to make to incorporate my own brand into my everyday wardrobe.

Christina came ready to work, with incredible energy, and the time that we spent working to create more with less was so much fun. Christina supports her clients in understanding personal style as a form of both self-expression and self-care. She empowers her clients to find an authentic, comfortable, engaging way to align how they deliver themselves with who they are at their core. She challenged me to think creatively, work with less, and offered a variety of tips / tricks that encouraged me to step outside of my normal routine / habits. But the message is larger: you can easily become an even more powerful version of yourself. Christina is both smart and savvy, but also very real. She accomplishes this through a clear, compelling delivery filled with fun, incredible creativity, and personal vulnerability.

I would highly recommend making this personal investment in yourself and look forward to continue working with Christina."

"I first met Christina when she facilitated a class I attended. I was immediately struck with how "pulled together" she was and the clarity with which she communicated. We remained in touch after the class. 

I was then fortunate enough that our paths crossed again three or four years later when my company paid for eight hour hours of coaching to help me improve my ability to coach through questioning...I needed to give others space to contribute first to help me not appear intimidating. Christina armed me with many skills and tools, and she appropriately challenged me on my approach. That solidified our friendship further, as it is a very vulnerable position to be in...opening myself up for constructive feedback on my work and personal approach from a friend. 

A natural at coaching, Christina is also great with helping with image. When I decided I wanted to do a closet audit, she helped me identify items that were dated, and she also helped me make a list of items to add to my wardrobe, and her feedback was spot on. 

Overall, I am fortunate that I became acquainted with Christina more than six years ago, and I am grateful that professional relationship has grown into a genuine friendship. She is flat-out good at what she does!"

- Brea H., personal styling and business coaching client