Whether you’re looking to pare down what’s in your closet or you’re ready to release all responsibilities related to shopping, I have four core offerings that align with your closet goals and personal brand desires.


The most frequent comment I hear from women is, “I hate getting dressed in the morning.” Whether it’s because nothing fits anymore or because they aren’t sure what shirt goes with what pants, it’s the last thing they want to do. Many women, over the years, have simply put themselves and their wardrobe on the back burner due to other priorities (kids, work, travel, relationships). Spending an evening or an entire Saturday together doing a closet audit is the perfect time to focus on you.

What do you love? What’s not working (and why)? How can we combine pieces to make you look and feel incredible? We have real conversations about why you’re still holding onto your cardigan from college or why you won’t wear anything but black slacks. You will leave a closet audit feeling lighter, while also having a plan in place for future purchases, knowing what looks flattering on you!

closet audit + personal shopping

Closet Audits are the perfect first step in understanding what you like and don’t like and what you have that makes you feel your best. But what about the items you don’t have, but aren’t sure how to shop for? Adding on the personal shopping component allows us to create time and space to find items at the stores that best reflect your personal style and brand.

Personal shopping can happen with or without me. If you’re a busy executive traveling frequently, it may make sense for me to find items that we go through when you’re home. If time is more available, we can spend a day or afternoon going to stores that you love, looking online at items, or showing you my cabi collection!


More and more women are looking for fashion advice in a flash. Once you go through a closet audit and personal shopping, you have the opportunity to work with me for a monthly fee. I’ll take care of ordering pieces online for you with your allotted budget, and you can text me at any time asking for advice.

Can’t find black shoes for your gala? I’ll give you a few options. Want to know which belt would go best with your slacks? Text me anytime. This monthly service gives you the freedom to know you will always look and feel like the best version of you!


Finding the right clothing options is one thing, but truly understanding who you are and how you present yourself to the world is taking your image to a completely new level. I work with men and women of all ages and backgrounds to identify their power words. How do those words impact how they show up every day? How can they be implemented into every facet of their life?

When you show up with confidence in your workplace, your community, and your relationships, you become unstoppable! My clients know and understand that personal brand requires intention and purpose. Let's discuss a few different packages I have available to make all of this happen.

Are you ready to explore one of these four services? Let’s get to know one another more.