Hello & welcome to Outside-In Consulting!

I am so glad you’re here.

My name is Christina Davis and I am the founder of Outside-In Consulting. I am an Iowa captive, a mom of two budding fashionistas, a wife, a stylist, and a personal branding consultant.


For the first 15 years of my professional career, I was involved in several leadership roles within mid to large corporations. From operations to business strategy, I refined a skillset that led me to executive coaching & corporate training in sales and communication.

About 8 years ago, while still in corporate America, I also stepped into a role with cabi, a company that’s reinventing the way women shop. As I grew to be a trusted stylist by women in my community, I started to offer closet audits and personal shopping experiences. Five years ago, I took the plunge to making my dream of styling + consulting a reality.

As a stylist + consultant, I have watched the power and impact that external changes have on the inside for my clients. I witness how small changes and styling tips build up a client’s confidence enough to enable them to reclaim who they are.  

Along the way, I also discovered the power of authenticity. I discovered the power of showing up in the world not as who others expect you to be but as who you are. I discovered the importance of a personal brand.

The last five years, I have been dedicated to locking arms with women to help them own who they are and how they show up in the world. A handful of these women have graciously shared their experience right here if you are eager to learn more.  

Do you struggle with understanding how to show up authentically in the world?
Do you need permission to be more free with the way you express yourself with what you wear?
Do you feel there are rules to which you are supposed to adhere but find you don’t understand them?
Are your clothes an afterthought?  
Do you find shopping and getting dressed frustrating?  

If any of these question ring true, I would love to chat over coffee or wine.  

Let’s discover your authentic self. Let’s unleash your power words together.